By the chance of The Rasmus’s appearance at the RMJ festival last thursday, the finnish magazine Iltalehti made a video interview with Lauri where he also confirmed that the new album’s release is fixed for September; here you can watch the video interview, while hereinafter there’s the full translation of the interview (thanks to mari88 for it):

Interviewer: The Rasmus’ Lauri, it’s great to have you here on Iltalehti’s web tv, you just threw a gig at RMJ, how did the audience in Pori take you?
Lauri: Pretty well actually, we got them along and we also played a couple of old songs, well in fact we did a remix of Playboys and Ghostbusters and I think it worked out pretty well, it seems to me that people really remember those songs from around -96, there was a good feeling. People seemed to enjoy themselves. This is the first day of the festival and I think that most people want to invest on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow but this audience was totally with us.

Interviewer: This year the festival takes place not in Rauma but Pori for the very first time, did the rocker himself notice it from the stage?
Lauri: Maybe this is even a better place for the festival. There’s this beautifully green mood and I have these memories from 1996 – now that year is haunting everywhere – but we were here to see Björk throw a gig and somehow those old memories came back, we like we’re with the band and that was when we were actually trying to make these two songs work out, Playboys and back then we also played Ghostbusters for the first time. Somehow this was a nice chance to recall those memories.

Interviewer: This was your last festival gig in Finland this summer (though I bet many festivals would want to have you play), why is that?
Lauri: Well we are still working on our new album which will be out in September so we want to invest on Autumn a bit more, then we’ll get to play our new songs and so on.

Interviewer: Where will The Rasmus go from RMJ?
Lauri: Now we’ll head home to Helsinki but our next gig will be in Denmark, it’s a nice country indeed. We won’t play in Roskilde but there’s another big festival in the same weekend and it’s called Nibe. I wonder who’s brave enough to organize another festival there at the same time as Roskilde is held.. but well, we’ll go there and enjoy the summer in Denmark.