The website of the finnish newspaper Iltalehti published today a small video interview with Lauri made at the Emma Gaala, where the reporter asked him also some questions about the new album and an eventual summer tour.

Here you can watch the full video of the interview and hereinafter there’s the part of the interview with just the interesting questions (thanks to Jetkidd for it):
Interviewer: What is your new album like?
Lauri: It’s the ultimate Rasmus album! Now what we got some perspective when it comes to making music we combined the old and new Rasmus.

Interviewer: And the hair has changed back to old as well!
Lauri: Yeah, that too! It’s like a surgery that makes me look younger.

Interviewer: I sense there’s a crisis coming with the age?
Lauri: Absolutely.

Interviewer: Will Rasmus throw any festival gigs during summer?
Lauri: That’s still a bit unclear but we will do at least a few Finnish festival gigs. It’s nice.

Interviewer: What about the foreign countries?
Lauri: We’ve recorded the album there so some little activities I guess. All in all it’s going to be a very quiet summer. We’ll save all the energy to autumn when the album is released.