Hello guys,

Hope you’re all good!!! I want to send you some good vibes from HELLsinki, Finland!!!

I am hanging at the studio, getting rid of my hangover, feeling very good! Eero just made us chai…ouh yes!
Pauli is in the recording room playing riff for one of my favourite tracks “The Fight”, at least we’ve been calling it with that name…sounds very interesting and i think it’s the fastest song we’ve ever made.
Our new friend Harry (Sommerdahl, the other produser) is very professional and extremely nice guy, we love to work with him! The only problem is that he understands finnish, so we’re not able to talk any bullshit behind his back…hehehehehehe…..
So things are doing good in here! After 2 weeks we will continue recordings in Nashville, Tennessee. That will be interesting!!! Never been there before.

Take care,

Aki the drummer

Source: www.myspace.com/therasmus