Today both and have confirmed yesterday’s news about the new album, here’s what they have reported:

Black Roses with Desmond Child
The Rasmus has started work on their new album, with a release date in March 2008. The title of the album is “Black Roses” and recordings started in Helsinki on September 17, in The Rasmus own Dynasty Studio.
This time the band is working together with Desmond Child, one of the most successful songwriters and producers in the world, known for his work with Kiss, Alice Cooper, Ricky Martin, The Scorpions and many others. The Rasmus teamed up with Desmond Child in Greece and LA during the summer to write the songs for the new album together. Apart from Helsinki, recordings will also take place in Nashville, USA. Michael Wagener, producer for Metallica, Alice Cooper, Ozzy and many others, will mix the album in his studio in Nashville. Desmond Child is co-producing “Black Roses” together with Swedish hitmaker Harry Sommerdahl.