This week severals finnish magazines reported the news of the new album and the collaboration with Desmond Child, here’s the articles:
Helsingin Sanomat (16.09.2007)
Helsingin Sanomat (18.09.2007)
Iltalehti (18.09.2007)

The 21 of September published a small video-interview with Lauri about the upcoming album, here’s the translation (thanks NightWolf__ for it):

Interviewer: Desmond Child is going to be producer for your next album. How on Earth did you get one of the most famous producer to be your producer?
Lauri: Well, we have been Desmond fans since we were kids, so we listen to the great songs from Kiss or Alice Cooper and also from Bon Jovi and what ever he has done over the years. We got to know this thing, because he has sent emails to our friend, where he has been asking: “Have you heard of this band The Rasmus? This band is so great! But I think, I can’t do anything with them, because they already have their producers and their own world in Scandinavia”. So we saw those emails and right after that we connected with him.

Interviewer: You have to have some time to the other things too. For example for your private life. How are you going combine your private life and this all album thing at America?
Lauri: Well, it’s kind of hard and this hole band thing is kind of selfish. Especially when you have some other important thing around you. For example when your doing an interview, easily you start talking about yourself, like how important you are and you just sell your own thing. Sometimes it’s a bit hard thing to swallow. It has been a great experience, like six albums are out and we have been taken care of everything else around those albums. Relationships have been in bad shape sometimes, but things work out somehow. Our motto has been: Something always goes. (I think, that he means that even if everything else is bad, there is always one thing that goes well.)

Interviewer: Rasmus’ last album wasn’t as big jackpot, if you’re looking at the sales as the one before that. How much pressure do you have?
Lauri: Dead letters had that one big radio hit, which was playing all over the world in all the radio stations. It was our cross over song, and it was playing on pop radios and also on rock radios. And I think, that is the secret. Last album didn’t have that big radio single. Our band is really a radio band.

Interviewer: Tattis. (Means kiitos.)
Lauri: Thanks!

Here you can watch the video.

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