The Rasmus wrote some notes on their US tour recently. Here they are! The band’s own photos from the tour are added in a gallery at check it!

August 31
Hello! We arrived in the U.S., Fresno, after an adventure at JFK-Las Vegas… We got stuck in Las Vegas for overnight and had a walk on the Vegas Strip at 3am. It felt like a place where you should go with 10 friends just to spend/lose some big money and party off…
In Fresno we opened the night of The Rasmus/Kill Hannah/Lostprophets. The gig was great, there was lot of energy, it’s been a while since we played in a 400 capacity venue. It felt really intimate and good, there were also a few people who told us that they only came to see The Rasmus. That’s an honour! In a small club like that you really feel the audience, you can hear all the small details of playing, all that…
Today we travelled to Sparks in Nevada, we play New Oasis, a club that has been a bowling hall before, you can still see the bowling tracks in the floor. We have a good feeling about this tour, it’s going to be fun and an experience… actually I felt quite nostalgic yesterday as we used to play similar venues maybe 10 years ago in Finland, with similar crowds and similar attitude… See you all here on the tour!
Eero + Pauli, Aki, Lauri

September 3
Hello you and I!!! We’re here in Los Angeles. Yesterday we took a stroll down Melrose. We spent all our money on clothes and CDs, like Alice Cooper and Slayer, the Who and DVDs like Mötley Crue and Metallica: year and half. Also we visited Guitar Center, the biggest instrument store in the world! This morning we went to Whisky A Go Go and noticed that they spelled our name wrong “The Ramus” hehehehehehe…We’re very excited to see if Whiskey will be full of The Rasmus fans today.
2 days ago we played in Santa Rosa. After the show we met lots of fans and had few beers with them and with our new friends “Kill Hannah”.
At this moment we’re in Hollywood Hills visiting our manager and having a great time. We can see the whole LA downtown from here.
Tonight we will travel to Phoenix, see you all there tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aki, Eero, Lauri, Pauli

Labor Day September 4, Phoenix
Yesterday in LA was extremely nice!!!! Whisky a go go was sold out and the show was the greatest! We had a meet&greet with 25 fans. One of the girls had a butterfly tattoo on her chest (same B-fly as on the “Hide from the sun” cover), that was cool!!! After the show we went to the rainbow to have a few drinks with our Finnish friends. Kill Hannah also played a good show, and the whole club was full of excitement through the night. We also did a bling photo shoot on the roof of Belage hotel… The LA visit was one of our best this far, and I guess it will be fun when we come back, hopefully after 4 or 5 months… See you all soon!

September 7, Ft Worth. Tx
Day off today, jahuuu!!!! Some of us (Eero and our guitar tech Kimmo the cowboy) took a bus to Dallas to see some legendary places like the one where president Kennedy was murdered… The rest stayed by the pool the whole day and enjoyed the sun. In the evening we went to see the Bierfest movie, which was actually very good! And the best thing was that you could order beer in the theater…(that’s not possible in Finland) Kill Hannahs van broke down again…hope they will get it fixed!!! (they already missed one show because of the shitty van). The Biggest thank you to all the people who came to see us play so far!!! Hopefully we can come back very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning, September 9
Hello, yesterday we had a great fun day! We played a show at the Ridgley theater in West Forth Worth. There was about 400 people in the venue, a lot of The Rasmus fans. We played a set of 30 minutes, like the opening acts here do. There was a lot of good energy and the audience was one of the best this far! After the show we had a meet&greet where we met maybe 40-50 hard core Rasmus fans. We seriously have some great fans here! After everything we even went for a late dinner / early breakfast with few friends and fans… the place was called Denny’s and the food was good. Pretty funny feeling though, 10 people coming from a rock show, hungry&kind of tired&happy, everyone barely knows each other and so on… This morning we woke up deep in the heart of Texas (the lone star state), we were parked in GENE’s campers & repair yard, fixing the tour bus once again… it seems like this piece of vehicle just can’t keep itself together… So we visited Kmart for shopping everything useless. It looks like the days here in the States just fly by. Thanks for y’all who came to the shows! Today we play Abilene, another Texan town and tomorrow we head for Arkansas, the state where B. Clinton is from.
Eero & the boys

September 11
Hello, yesterday we spent a day off in Little Rock Arkansas. On Sundays this town is in a pretty deep sleep. Anyway, there was an interesting abandoned railway bridge and riverside. And I had an encounter with 2 local police officers, but the result was not an arrest or anything, so I guess I was lucky. In the evening we visited the local hot spot, Flying Fish, to have some real southern fried cat fish. Yummy, but that kind of thing you can eat only once in 6 months. During a day like that you really start to feel a bit jealous for the Lostprophets guys who went to Los Angeles to shoot a music video, ride motorbikes and all that… The tour has been an enjoyment, lots of new fans and new scenes. Let’s keep it like that!


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