Tokyo February 28th
Hello, we arrived today in Japan, Tokyo. It’s exciting to be here again. I went for a short shopping trip with Aki and Lauri, trying to find a suitcase for Lauri and taking few breaths of fresh winter air on the streets (after a 4 hours delayed sas flight. The gold medal belongs to Finland, after all.) A lot of people here. This culture is so different…interesting, good…food is good. I recommend the teppan-yaki tunafish, it was great!


Nagoya March 2nd
We played our 2nd Japanese concert today, in Nagoya. We thought that wasn’t gonna be full house, so we were positively surprised by the good vibes and good audience that there was. The concert felt very good and there was just this feeling of cracking some jokes in the air…nice. We played “days” in the acoustic set today, people enjoyed it. This Japanese city living makes me feel like in the movie blade runner, we just function in the 7th to 10th floor of buildings, passing from building to another through bridges…sometimes you get peeks of people who are living at the street level, but this is all so layered…on the street you might walk into a bar or noodle place which can fit only 4 people…music all around…lot of neon lights…rain, umbrellas, masses of people, strange writing symbols…



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