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The Rasmus to release new album “Hide From The Sun”
Having just launched their new single “No Fear” successfully at radio and TV all over the world, Finnish rock band The Rasmus will be releasing their 6th studio album “Hide From The Sun” on September 12th. Jörn Heitmann directs the video for “No Fear”. (Jörn is also responsible for the last three Rammstein videos). It is now a Network Priority at MTV Europe.
As for the band’s previous two albums, “Dead Letters” and “Into”, Martin Hansen and Mikael Nord Andersson have produced the new CD, which will also be made available as a special limited fan edition (digipack), with a bonus-track and interactive The Rasmus software.
After two years of touring throughout the world, the process for the new album started in January. Back from a much-needed break, the band started the New Year jamming in their rehearsal room full of fresh ideas from their experiences on the road in new countries. Soon after rehearsals were completed, the band sojourned to Nord Studios in Stockholm, Sweden and began the recording process. The producers work in shifts so the studio was in full use for months to come. In July the album was finally mixed. Right away the team at Playground and Universal Germany took notice of hit potential in several of the tracks: “Shot”, “Sail Away”, “Last Generation” and especially the brilliant song that would become the first single – “No Fear” .
“No Fear was one of the last songs we recorded. Somehow, it happened totally by accident. It was very spontaneous. Lyrically, in a way I am singing about death, but in this case more of a mental death like starting a new life and leaving the old stuff behind – a sort of a rebirth”, Lauri states.
The decision towards the opening track for the album was made easier with “Shot”. It is the very essence of the classic Rasmus song writing style and it starts the album off with a ferocious bang!
“Shot is very much like a typical Rasmus song. A friend of ours said after hearing five seconds that he recognized that it was our band. This is cool as we have somehow managed to create our own sound.” Lauri said.
The process of choosing tracks that will be included on the album is always a tedious process of killing your darlings. Nevertheless, the process of choosing 11 tracks for a killer album must be dynamic and should result in some surprising elements for the tracklisting. One such surprise was the soaring ballad “Sail Away”.
Lauri enthusiastically explains, “Sail Away is a different kind of track on the album. It started off as a campfire song and I played it to the guys and they thought it was really good. I told them ah it is just one of those whimpy kind of songs. But the guys said this is so good we must record it.” Needless to say Lauri said ok.
After seven months and out of many songs recorded the album was mixed and mastered in July and the release date set for Sept 12, 2005.
The album “Hide from the sun” is the follow-up to their breakthrough album “Dead letters”, that sold 1.5 million copies worldwide, went top-10 in 10 countries and received 8 gold and 6 platinum awards. The massive hit single “In The Shadows” went top-10 in 11 countries, won 6 gold and 2 platinum awards and was # 1 most played video on MTV Europe. In total (including “First Day Of My Life”, “Guilty” and “In The Shadows”), the band has sold over 1 million singles.
The Rasmus have become Scandinavia’s most important musical export, winning last year’s “Export Award” at the Nordic Music Awards.
Having toured extensively in Europe, Asia, Japan, Canada, USA & Mexico, The Rasmus are now one of the most wanted rock acts around. A full-blown tour of Europe is scheduled following the release of the album.

Please check out the band’s brand new web-site: www.therasmus.com

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