The “Live Letters” dvd will be released December 6th in Europe.
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This is what will be on the dvd: live at Open Air Gampel, Switzerland, held the 21th of august 2004; with this songs:

  • First day of my life
  • Guilty
  • F-f-f-falling
  • Still standing
  • Time to burn
  • Bullet
  • Everyday
  • One and only
  • In the shadows
  • Funeral song
  • In my life

The videos of:

  • In the shadows (nordic version)
  • In the shadows (european version)
  • In the shadows (USA/UK version)
  • In my life + the making of
  • First day of my life
  • Funeral song + the making of
  • Guilty + the making of

Plus video documentaries, behind the scenes footage and more exclusive material.


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