Yes! At last the new single is out in the shops! The single is released in Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden during week 42 (13-17 October).

Down in Europe it is a 2 track with:

  1. First Day Of My Life
  2. What Ever

And also a maxi-cd with these tracks:

  1. First Day Of My Life
  2. What Ever
  3. In The Shadows
  4. the German video for In The Shadows

In Scandinavia the tracklist is:

  1. First Day Of My Life
  2. First Day Of My Life video

The song “What Ever” is previously only released in Scandinavia as a
b-side on the “In My Life” single. The Rasmus are travelling to do promotion in Netherlands and France October 18.21 , and to Italy October 29.30.
“First Day Of My Life” will be released in more countries soon. Moi moi!


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