as you might know my father is a rich man,
his father was rich, I’m gonna be a rich man too, oh yeah!
right now my job is to have fun,
buy whatever I want, just be with my girl,
it’s such fun, you know?

I guess you don’t ‘cos your daddy ain’t driving a rolls royce,
‘n’ your family ain’t famous after all
I flush my money down the toilet, if it is the best choice
nothing is my problem, see…

I don’t have to pay my bills, right?
I don’t have to get a job
I don’t have to train my skills, right?
‘cos I will never be poor

what would you do, if you had my money?
you wouldn’t go to school,
you wouldn’t get a job, like me
you’d just hang around
you would go to the parties where all rich people meet,
where people are having fun. Yeah, such fun, you know


follow me, come on, you know me
yeah, into the blue

I’ll wake you up when the morning comes
a decent cup of coffee with milk, right?
I’ll dress you up ‘n’ tie up your shoes
I’ll wish you luck, it’s the least I can do

crawling on never looking back
won’t loose your smile, though your life is a mess…aa
the pressure’s like a knife in your back
what can you do, when your world is turning into black?

grab my hand, follow me though I’m sinking
into a sea where the fish don’t ever sleep
I solved my case by the way I’ve been thinking
my mind is resting in the blue
my mind is resting in the sea

I’ll pick you up ‘n’ I’ll get you down
to the town, if you have any spare time
relax today, nothing’s ruling you
I’ll take you out, it’s the least I can do

once again oh’ you turn your back
I wonder why you make yourself to do that
no one can bear living in a trap
what can you do, when your world is turning into black?


I see you try to avoid me
you ain’t so friendly cold like ice,
I can see, what that means

let me explain first, why I haven’t been around,
I’ll let you know, why I haven’t seen you every day
I’ve been busy with the band, if you know, what that means

I heard you’re talking things about me,
building barrigades around me,
so real friendship, wasn’t real at all it seems

‘n’ if it’s so, that you’re talking shit behind my back
I’ll let you know, I can fight back in the cruelest way,
so I’m asking for peace, if you know what that means

you wanna say something to me,
come ‘n’ say something to me
what is wrong with you may I ask

say it again, if you want to depress me,
say it again, go ahead, I feel nothing


I’m lost, I’m alone
I wish I had a bone
long ‘n’ wide, white, you know, what I’m talking about,
just a fine bite
I wish I had a home
to cover me at night, yeah
I make a wish again, that it would be summertime,
I’d be fine

any other time I’m fine in the morning,
I can hear the winter’s crawling
I wish another time, that it would be summertime,
I can see the leaves are falling

I wish I had a life
oh yes, I’m gonna fight
though I got fleas, you know, I wanna be a part of your life
I wish I was fine. I’m living like a mutt
though I’ve got fleas I know, I’m not wasting my time

don’t loose me, hey Sophia choose me!

Wicked Moments

I’ve got my moments, when I feel like…
I should be doing something else, yeah
the voice of conscience says it ain’t right
with pleasure I would deal with somebody else…

I’ve got my wicked moments

I play wicked games, I like wicked things like…
I’m not the only one, who thinks, that it’s funny, yeah
to have my moments, when I feel like…
I steel sunglasses, if the weather is sunny


here we go again,
we ain’t gonna bend
to pretend it’s a fight
against the majority

lip service sucks, yeah
you know it sucks
hate inside of me is
breaking me, hurting me
killing me, burning me

we are still living, we should party, yeah!

here we go again
in the world of lie
try to please everyone
by being flexible

this narrow atmosphere is,
restricting words you say
hate inside me is
breaking me, hurting me,
killing me, burning me

well well, you can always tell

it doesn’t matter whether you
hate or love me


there you come again,
I see you’re having your everlasting smile on your face,
like now ‘n’ then
I cannot hide, I cannot fight, I cannot go you know,
you know, you know, hey, do you know
that you do not have to entertain anybody,
that you do not have to entertain my cat,
if you don’t want that, yeah
It seems that you don’t know that you’re twisted by your nature ‘n’
that’s the reason I hate ya

I’m gone, I can’t stay another day
roll my mind, hold my hands up in the air

so here it comes now a couple of hard words, yah, yah
I know this hurts but I’m so, so happy
‘cos you, oh yes, yes, you do really deserve this
shed a tear when you want me to stop
so many times you have made people cry, so many lies, why I’m asking
I’m the one who will say, hey get out of my way, because you’re twisted,
oh yes you are


groove it up, it’s friday night, time to have some fun, allright
to know what’s up I gotta reach ‘n’ pick up the phone
yeah, the answer’s always Mick, my favourite band is having a gig
what could be better idea, than to go to the club

listen to me boy you have to be 18 to get inside!
‘n’ there will be no talk about exceptions this time

damn that I wanna see this band, I’ll be good, you understand,
this is the moment of my life, that I can’t let go
I’m steeling in, it always works, yeah I know how to bluff those jerks
I can’t hide my wide smile when I think of his words


would you please, would you please help mr. jailer
I better get out of this place ‘n’ soon
don’t know how to sleep at night, yeah you say it’s alright, but it’s not
you know, I’m a little bit scared yo!
well it’s a fact, well it’s a real fact,
that just about every guy in this prison hates me
c’mon give me the key set me free, set me free,
you know me, you know me, haa!
You don’t have to be sorry, you just listen to my story
I would never hurt ya, I would never touch ya, with my finger
I will leave your family alone, I will never pull a dog’s tail,
I will never come back

imagine yourself in this sell, in this situation
you don’t care, you don’t see things
how would you react, if you were me?
would you like to be free, hey,
you have got a key to the lock of my door
together, we can make things better,
if you wanna do something good,
let me go back to the hood, with my men
oh God! that I miss them
I’ll get back to the picture, see my homies again,
I’ll be good by my nature
please mr. jailer, mr. failure whatever aaa…

I’m not fine!
are you ever gonna feel like me?


yes, yes, yes, things’re gonna be fine,
when the sky is my cover, a big yellow ball,
the sun is my lover
I take my skateboard ‘n’ my good feeling with me,
I’m heading to a place where I can get the sun on my face
I’m leaving my house ‘n’ my mouse
‘n’ all my stuff ‘cos I’ve had enough, yah!
I just wanna be close to the sun ‘n’ that’s all folks
I wanna burn my skin in the heat,
I wanna be bare – footed,
my throat feels dry, ‘n’ I cannot speak,
nomatter how much I try
of this moment I’m learning that I’d better stay cool
to avoid the burning!

kola with ice would be nice,
come ‘n’ get it!
kola! It’s a fact that I need it
kola with ice

well, well, well, it’s hot like hell, yo,
I kick off my shoes, yeah, I’ll survive without my shoes,
back to fact, I ain’t turning back
yeah, I’m looking for a kola
I’ll open up the can, can, gonna drink it down, down
I’m in the middle of a desert now,
go to the shop said a boy, take a left from the corner…
I’m gonna make a list, what I’m gonna order
how can I get to the shop in this heat,
when the street under my feet is burning?
of this moment I’m learning that I’d better stay cool
to avoid the burning


I can never be the same that I was yesterday
I’m loosing my mind, I’m loosing control
you tickled me so much, that I can never be ok
I think I can be with a serious face nomore

oh can’t you see that this can’t go on
I’m loosing my calmness, I go crazy
oh can’t you see, that tickling is killing me…
I’m loosing my calmness

no one can take me now in the way they used to take
I’m loosing my mind, I’m loosing my reputation
you tickled me so much, that I can never be ok
I must go on in despite of my destination


I think you better run, ‘cos they’re coming at ya
‘n’ what the fuck you’re gonna do when they get ya
you can choose life in the bodybag, I think you better hide
few little words, wrong cap in your head,
can make you dead, if you’re dealing with the real thing,
few little words, wrong cap in your head, in your head, in your head

I think you better run, yes I think you better hide
yeah, the world is the number one place in the world of mine

mic is free, I’m striking back again,
with all my anger, with all my force yo!
you can not walk in the street in peace with your money in your pocket,
alleycats, oh yeah, they’re gonna knock you out,
if you won’t rechoose your places, better know the faces,
know where your place is at, cool down think about that
I think you better run, yes I think you better hide


it’s like freedom, making some people jealous
it’s like a rope between you ‘n’ your fellows
it’s like a web, you’re stucked
how could it be so that, some people don’t always know how they feel?

when you can talk to somebody who you can trust
when you can lie to that somebody when you must
it’s like health, respect, because you still got one
it is the way that I feel, I’m not the only one

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