First Day Of My Life

feel like I’m stoned,
I wanna be alone,
just for a while unknown
weeks on the road a long way from home,
just shut off the phone
and you say I’ll heal you I’ll always be yours
and you say I’ll kill you if I do something wrong,
yeah, yeah

still feels like the first time
to stand here by your side
together regardless
we’ll walk through the darkness
still feels like the first day of my life

remember the times,
together we swore to never give up this life
still hanging on, still going strong, here I belong
and maybe I’m crazy but I just can’t slow down
yeah maybe I’m crazy but at least I’m still around,
yeah, yeah

In The Shadows

no sleep,
no sleep until I’m done with finding the answer
won’t stop,
won’t stop before I find a cure for this cancer
and sometimes I feel like going down and so disconnected
somehow I know that I’m haunted to be wanted

I’ve been watching,
I’ve been waiting in the shadows for my time
I’ve been searching,
I’ve been living for tomorrows all my life

they say that I must learn to kill before I can feel safe
but I, I’d rather kill myself than turn into their slave
and sometimes I feel like I should go and play with the thunder
’cause somehow I just don’t wanna stay and wait for a wonder

lately I’ve been walking,
walking in circles
waiting for something
feel me,
touch me,
heal me,
come take me higher

Still Standing

I wish you were here tonight with me to see the northern lights
I wish you were here tonight with me
I wish I could have you by my side tonight when the sky is burning
I wish I could have you by my side

’cause I’ve been down and I’ve been crawling
won’t back down no more

can’t you stop the lies falling from the skies
down on me, I’m still standing
can’t you roll the dice, I might be surprised
conscience clear I’m still standing here

burns like a thousand stars,
though you’re light years away
burns like a thousand stars or more

you’re up there, you’re always with me
smiling down on me

it’s something sacred,
something so beatiful
something quiet to ease my mind
when the pressure’s taking me over and over

’cause I’ve been down and I’ve been crawling
pushed around, always falling
you’re up there, you’re always with me
smiling down on me

In My Life

feel the heat below my feet
I have to go no time to sleep
can’t believe the things you say
turn my head and walk away
you make me sick you make me nervous

times are gone when you would say
this is the one and seize the day
times has gone for honesty
“my victory is your defeat”
oh can’t you see you’ve been mistaken

in my life I decide and it turns me on
how I am, how I live, who I love
in my way I feel strong
and it turns me on
in my life, I decide, I decide

all you do,
you can’t deny it
it’s waste of time,
waste of life
can I suggest that you invest in something more
than hopelessness
before you know, the ride is over

it’s up to you if you give it up, give it up
it’s up to you if you won’t stop

the record shows that you dead but you’re still living
every time you have died you have been given
another chance to fix your bad attitude
and make a move, it’s up to you

Time To Burn

fear of the dark tears me apart
won’t leave me alone and time keeps running out

just one more life, I’m so sick and tired
of singing the blues, I should turn my life around

tell me why do I feel this way
all my life I’ve been standing on the borderline
too many bridges burned
too many lies I’ve heard
I had a life but I can’t go back
I can’t do that, it will never be the same again
and I know I don’t
have any time to burn

they follow me home, disturbing my sleep
but I’ll find a place, place where they cannot find me
maybe I’m lost, and maybe I’m scared
but too many times I’ve closed the doors behind me

leave it all behind
cross the borderline
face the truth, don’t have any time to…
don’t have any time to burn


I feel guilty
my words are empty
no signs to give you
I don’t have the time for you

you say I’m heartless
and you say I don’t care
I used to be there for you
and you’ve said I seem so dead, that I have changed
but so have you

guilty, guilty I feel so
empty, empty you know how to make me feel

I put a shield upon you
I didn’t mean to hurt you
I would have only poisoned your mind
never meant to make you cry

you’ve been so toughtless
I can see right through you
you used to be there for me
so don’t you leave say goodbye
’cause you have changed but so have I

I never though that the time and the distance
between us made you so much colder
I’ll carry the world on my shoulders

Not Like The Other Girls

no more blame I am destined to keep you sane
gotta rescue the flame
gotta rescue the flame in your heart

no more blood, I will be there for you my love
I will stand by your side
the world has forsaken my girl

should have seen it would be this way
should have known from the start what she’s up to
when you’ve loved and you’ve lost someone
you know what it feels like to lose

she’s fading away
away from this world
drifting like a feather
she’s not like the other girls
she lives in the clouds
and talks to the birds
hopeless little one
she’s not like the other girls I know

no more shame, she has felt too much pain, in her life
in her mind she’s repeating the words
all the love you put out will return to you

The One I Love

haven’t slept in a week
my bed has become my coffin
cannot breath, cannot speak
my head’s like a bomb, still waiting
take my heart and take my soul
I don’t need them anymore

the one I love
is striking me down on my knees
drowning me in my dreams
over and over again
dragging me under

hypnotized by the night
silently rising beside me
emptiness, nothingness
is burning a hole inside me
take my faith and take my pride
I don’t need them anymore

this bed has become my chapel of stone
a garden of darkness to where I’m trown
so take my life, I don’t need it anymore

Back In The Picture

there were times in my life I was down on my knees, now it’s over
deep inside my heart I know
simply put I’ve been stabbed in the back ever since I remember
deep inside it hurt to let go

I’m back in the picture, back in the picture
I wonder what took so long, so long

dedicate everything I create
to my friends I would die for
but you will always be the one
memories that you can’t overrun, memories I could cry for
I thought I’d always be on the run

Funeral Song

I dumped you again
I don’t understand
it’s happened before
can’t take it no more

these foolish games
always end up in confusion
I’ll take you back
just to leave you once again

I died in my dreams
what’s that supposed to mean?
got lost in the fire
I died in my dreams
reaching out for your hand
my fatal desire

I’ve failed you again
’cause I let you stay
I used to pretend
that I felt ok

just one big lie
such a perfect illusion
I made you mine
just to hurt you once again

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