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A rose is a rose

Kerrang: It’s been three years since you released Hide From the Sun, what happened in that time?
We did 250 gigs in 36 countries with that cd. A whole year. We were exhausted. We felt like to stop and think about the band status and above all what we wanted to do. Somehow I think the stress blocked us in a personal way. I paid so much attention on what the fans and critics thought. I remember I was reading things what critics said and I got the feeling they had more clear idea of what this band was, than mine. Continue reading

“Black Roses” review

Finnish outfit The Rasmus return with their seventh studio album and their own brand of “death pop.”

I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. The good news is, The Rasmus are back. The bad news is, there’s no US release date yet, which means most readers will have to go online to get a copy of this album. Meanwhile, we here in Europe are lapping this bad boy up. Continue reading