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The Rasmus Live 2012 / Volume II

39 gigs, 16 countries, thousands of kilometres, endless hours queueing, 112 minutes of pure The Rasmus on tour.
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Songs’ Meaning

Black Roses:

Livin’ In A World Without You

Livin’ In A World Without You was the last song we wrote for the album and this song kind of changed the whole chorus of the album because it’s very different from the other songs, it’s a more electronic vibe than a normal rock song and also this song influenced the other songs in the final mixing of the album. The lyrics are about something horrible that happened in the world at the time we were writing the song, but I really don’t wanna be talking about it too much, I want people find their own meanings from the lyric when they listen to it.

Ten Black Roses

Ten Black Roses must be the oldest song on the album in the way that I wrote the chorus melody in ’98, I was trying to create a classical piece for a guitar and actually a lot of ideas they take years to develop and find their places in our music. This lyric is about a very special bond between two people, there’s a girl who loves black roses and there’s only one guy who knows about that and sometimes he’s sending them to this girl.

Ghost Of Love

Ghost Of Love started off from Pauli’s guitar riff, this song is very much influenced by the ’80 which played a huge part in our life when we’re younger and this time around we started writing the song from the title, we had the title “Ghost Of Love” there and we were just thinking what comes into out minds from that, and that was a cool way to approach it.


Justify was the first song we wrote for the album, this song has a weird sad but positive feeling to it, funny how the first demo sounds almost exactly like the last version of it. This lyrics are about my personal experiences like the line “I should go and find myself before I go and ruin someone else”.

Your Forgiveness

In this lyric being in love becomes someone’s religion and I think that it’s better to keep some secrets for yourself sometimes, than be like an open book. This song starts off like and electro song but it turns into 80 style, hard rock song, so I guess this song wated to be a little bit of both.

Run To You

We got the idea for the chorus on a roof top in L.A. watching the sunset with Pauli, and the funny thing is that the melody is very finnish and I don’t know what happened there that night but I guess we were kind of home sick or something. This song gives me a feeling of a film noir movie from the ’40 or ’50, the guys heading for the war and the girls left behind with their white hanky.

You Got It Wrong

You Got It Wrong is perhaps the rockest song on the album, it has a furious guitar riff and lot of rhythm through all the whole song. This song has a pretty bitter lyric, it’s about this orphan person who feels that he’s been betrayed and used.

Lost And Lonely

Lost And Lonely will be a great live song because there’s a lot of heavy rhythms in it and this song also reminds me of last summer of a place called Folegandros, a little island in Greece where we wrote most of the songs for the album; in the end of the song there’s a little instrumental Metallica tribute.

The Fight

The Fight is one of the fastest songs we’ve ever written, it’s a real viking warrior song and it gets really heavier and orchestra towards the end. The message of the song is that you should never give up, the fight is to the end.

Dangerous Kind

Dangerous Kind reminds me of the old Rasmus, it’s kind of a groovy song, it’s very different from the others on the album, also it remind me another song we did in the past called “Man In The Street” and that was kind of the time we were doing more this funkyer stuff.

Live Forever

Live Forever is the song full of memories from the years gone by, people have changed, people have moved on in their lives but the memories somehow keeping them connected; I just wanna to put my best memories into this one song and it really goes nicely together with this melancholic piano melodies.

Hide From The Sun:

Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)

It’s a little like a second part of “In The Shadows” but, musically, it’s a different topic. In the first part, I was a little desperate, I put questions about the life and I waited help and the answers. I lived things, that allowed me to solve some of my problems. Then I thought that would be cool to arrive with one history and to give one following to this song.

Lucifer’s Angel

I read some books which speak about the things which arrived four hundred years ago on these people who tried to help the others, who wanted to change the world. Everyone said that these people were wizards, that they were sent by Satan. It shoud to be well people. They were good and curious and they were killed, burnt, I think that the same thing arrives today in the world as soon as somebody arrives with a new vision, new idea, people are frightened and push back these characters. I just found a connection between today and our past.

Last Generation

It’s one of my favourite. Certainly also an excellent song on stage.

Dead Promises

This piece is the one which has the most contrasts, more dramatic too. At the beginning, I arrived with the riffs at the guitar, but when I listened to the sound of Apocalyptica, I immediately say that it would be perfect for this piece. That speaks about our choices of life. When we are on the road, the life is different. Sometimes, you start to sleep whereas the sun starts to lie down. We can’t live all the time with the hidden sun. Reality returns quickly, once the finished concerts. There too, we shouldn’t veil the face.


This song is maybe a little more complicated than usually, because there are many things inside. It’s enough different from the others and it’s one of my favourite. It’s enough melodic with many riffs of guitar. It speaks about the future, of the end of the world in a metaphorical way. Something of evil will arrive to us. Then, we must flee before disappear.

Sail Away

This song it’s imposed of itself. I was scraping my guitar and I said myself “It’s a very good song just as it is”. I played it to the others. We kept her very simple.

Dancer In The Dark

I like Björk. I also really liked the history of the film “Dancer In The Dark” because I can find me there. She keeps a secret, she becomes blind and she must hide it. I feel a little the same kind of things. If I had big problems, I wouldn’t come to see you. I would keep them for me and I would try to solve them by myself, even if it’s not always the best solution.

Dead Letters:

First Day Of My Life

Flashing up from our German tour. We were watching a movie in the back of the tour bus, and in the movie there was a sentence “through the darkness”. I took my guitar and made a chorus immediatly. The song is about the band, being on tour and dreaming.

In The Shadows

We had a gig in Vaasa (Finland) and we happened to start play with one song in the sound check. The song was finished in a holiday trip in Thailand. In sweden the song was described a mix of Kent and Muse, which pleased me. The lyrics picture time, when the plans of life are ready, but still everything is unsure.

Still Standing

Spiritual vibe. It’s about a passed friend, who I feel like is present all the time.

In My Life

Selfish song, which is about choices. I have made up my life like I want it to be, but I’m not under anyones shoe. It urges people, who just repeat they don’t know what to do with their lives, to wake up. The sentence “my victory is your defeat” is borrowed from Killer’s (finnish band) one song.

Time To Burn

Narrow-minded feeling. The song is about being scared of loosing your privacy. How I become to suspect everyone, when people are following what you’re doing. What is that person looking at, what have I done to him/her?


This job takes much time. It doesn’t leave time from old friends and family. And when you then see the friends, you see how boring guy you are, when you don’t have anything else to talk than that bandstuff. I’m not a superhuman, my strenghs are limited.

Not Like The Other Girls

It’s about my friend, whose life I’ve been looking at aside. A girl, who has experienced much loosing, but who can still live normally. It just seems like there are too many dark clouds over the girl’s head.

The One I Love

My own little plague. I think it’s pretty common, that when you achieve something you want, you want something else. That you can’t respect that what you have got. I should be more sensible.

Back In The Picture

There are people, who have experienced something hard in their lives, but they do still dream. In spite of difficulties you now dare to be what you are and you are ok with yourself. With your mistakes.

Funeral Song

It’s a love song about that I have hurt one people many times. I’m not so good with people. So I will get my punishment in my dreams.



Eero: “Madness is a melodic pop-song Lauri wrote. It’s about the emotions when we had to replace our drummer. We kind of drifted apart as a band.”
Lauri: “It’s a 5-years-story. The words don’t belong together but each has a special meaning.”


Eero: “The dark song bullet was the last to be finished.”
Lauri: “It’s about bullets and the army. Nah, it’s about people being stupid fucks…”
Eero: “When you are disappointed by love.”


Eero: “It’s a slow and peaceful song. It was easy to make. Pauli had the guitar melody for the chorus and the verses.”
Lauri: “It’s a pure Kent song. I don’t wanna say anything about it, I can’t remember.”


Eero: “This song has been selected to become the first single, because it’s something special. People think ‘what’s that? that doesn’t sound like TR!’ when they hear the song.”
Lauri: “The first sentence, about not going to school on Monday. That’s true, because Monday was the day to practice our new songs.”


Eero: “When I first heard Heartbreaker, I was thinking it was Iron Maiden or Bon Jovi. I like the story. There’s this girl who was a queen for her whole life and then she loses control.”
Lauri: “The girl really exists, but we can’t talk about that.”


Eero: “Smash is a methodic song. It’s really amazing.”
Lauri: “It’s a bleak story. My friend died of Heroin one and a half years ago. It has a profound meaning.”

Someone Else

Eero: “Someone Else is a ballad, slow, easy-going and simple. There are imaginary words, for example this girl who drinks the blood of the dinosaur to maintain strength. She thinks, she belongs to someone.”
Lauri: “I think it’s mainly a love story.”

Small Town

Eero: “Small town is a very mature song. Open your eyes and see, this little town is awesome.”
Lauri: “That’s a shitty town.”
Eero: “When you aren’t satisfied with yourself you are not okay. All the time. But when you know yourself you can be everywhere.”

One & Only

Eero: “This one sounds the most like the old Rasmus. Lauri wrote it when he was in Suutarila, where his parents live, and he got to see his old neighborhood.”
Lauri: “Old friends start to settle down with family and ask: “What’s up, man?” and I was like “What what is up, man?”.”

Last Waltz

Eero: “Last Waltz is the first song we played with Aki. At first it was different but we changed it. It has this certain movie flair.”

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