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The Rasmus Live 2012 / Volume II

39 gigs, 16 countries, thousands of kilometres, endless hours queueing, 112 minutes of pure The Rasmus on tour.
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The beginning: Teja G. Records and “Peep”

1994 was the year the band was born in school.
Their first gig in fact was played in December of the same year in the school they went to.
At that age their name was completely different, they were known as Sputnik, that they changed almost immediately in Anttila, and then again in Rasmus, chosen smashing the word “trashmosh” (garbage) they say it has a typical scandinavian sound.
Members were: Lauri Ylönen (vocals), Pauli Rantasalmi (guitar), Eero Heinonen (bass), and Janne Heiskanen (drums).

In 1995 while they were playing in a club they got contact with Teja Kotilainen, who became their manager. With his label, the Teja G. Records, they released “1st” in December of the same year, their first single catched Warner‘s attention, with whom they signed in february 1996.

In May 1996 they released their first album “Peep”, soon got gold. After that they joined many festivals, in Finland, but in Russia and Estonia as well. More than 100 gigs in a year.

The second album: “Playboys” and the first Emma

A little later the band went back in the studio to record their second album “Playboys” and they released “Kola”, first single from the album.
At the end of August of 1997 Playboys was available and the single “Blue” joined it after a little while, both sold gold.

That year they performed in one hundred gigs and festivals and they supported Rancid and Dog Eat Dog.

Their success was growing, when they won an Emma (The finnish grammy award), as best breakthrough group of 1996.

“Liquid” song of the year and “Hellofatester” released

In september 1998 they released “Liquid”, a single that hitted mtv charts and in december people nominated it as best song of the year.
The album “Hellofatester” was released in November.

A new drummer, new record company and new name

In the beginning of 1999 the drummer, Janne, decided to leave the band to retire himself in meditation in India, where he lived for some years; when he came back he founded the group Lovestone.
In the meanwhile the band had a new drummer: Aki Hakala, who was used to sell their merchandise.

In august they got another award for Liquid, at the Music Video Festival in Finland.
In 1999 they were busy in more than 80 gigs, in some of them as supporters of bands as Garbage and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In April 2000 they signed with Playground Music Scandinavia and they changed their name from Rasmus to The Rasmus, to not being mistaken with a famous swedish dj called Rasmus.

“Into” and the first european breakthrough

In May 2000 they were back in Playground studios in Stockholm to record their new album, “Into”.
The first single was “F-f-f-falling”, straight at number 1 for much time, it was gold as well.
Into was released in March 2001 in Finland and after 2 months in Denmark.
It was number 1 in the finnish charts and a tour followed in Scandinavia and Denmark that included all the finnish festivals and many tv performances.
Afterward was released “Chill”, that jumped at the numer 2 in the sell charts.
The success of the band beated up the scandinavian borders and the album was released in many european countries.

At the end of that year they supported HIM and Roxette opening their gigs and in the beginning of 2002 they won 3 emma’s: best song “F-f-f-falling”, best album of the year “Into” and best group.
In March was released “Heartbreaker” that entered the charts straight at number 2 and jumped at number 1 in just one week.

“Dead Letters” and the big european breakthrough

In June they went back to the Stockholm studio again to record new album, “Dead Letters” and in July was released “Hellofacollection”, a greatest hits.
The recordings of the album ended in december of the same year and the January 10th 2003 was released the first single from it, “In The Shadows”, number 1 as it got into the singles finnish charts, and it kept it the following week as well.
The song was part of a soundtrack of a finnish movie, “Pahat Pojat“, and the next month Dead Letters was available in Finland. Sold Gold only with the presell.
It was reserved in more than 25,000 copies.

The title, as explained in the back cover of the cd and as they said many times in the interviews, describes the inner sides of the album, the dead letters, written but never delivered containing help calls, confessions, apologies.

The single and also the album climbed the scandinavian charts first and then the europeans, selling more than 1 million of copies.
Then they released “In My Life” in august and “First Day Of My Life” in October.
In November they won the Mtv Europe Music Awards as Mtv Best Nordic Act, while the album was followed by a promotional tour, with festivals and gigs and tv performances that lasted 2 years.

In the meanwhile they won more and more awards.
The Emma Gaala in February 2004 all five categories they were nominated for: best group, best album, best video (In My Life), best artist e Export Emma.
In February it was released the new single “Funeral Song”, and in April another award was on the way, at Tmf Awards as Best Rock.

In July after the big success of Dead Letters, that sold a million of copies, the previous album “Into” was released in the countries were it wasn’t before.
Their success covered the asian countries as well, where the band went in the end of July to promote Dead Letters, released in the same time.
In August the last single from Dead Letters was available, “Guilty”.

The promotional tour went on, between gigs (most of all sold out), festivals and tv appereances.
The only negative part happened the August 29th at Reading Festival in England, when they had to leave the stage because of stuff threw on it from the crowd.
But the autumn was full of good things and awards, from Russia to Latin America, from Usa to Scandinavia and Asia.

Apocalyptica released the single “Bittersweet” in November, whereto Lauri Ylönen worked on with Ville Valo from HIM.

In the same month they released their first dvd “Live Letters”, containing the gig at Gampel Open Air, Switzerland, the August 21st of the same year, videclips, making of and extras.

The January 17th 2005 they got involved in a benefit concert for Asia with Him, Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes and Negative, in the Hartwall Arena of Helsinki.

More awards from Finland as best up north act of MTV nordic and as best nordic act from finnish radio NRJ.
They immediately left for the tour in Japan and when they were back they got 2 awards for the video “Funeral Song”, Emma Gaala best video and Finnish Muuvi video awards.

“Hide From The Sun” and the Dynasty Recordings

In march they were back in the Playground studio to work on the new album, “Hide From The Sun”.
In April was released another single from Apocalyptica Lauri co-worked on, “Life Burns!”.

In the meanwhile the recording of the new album was at the end and Hide From The Sun was ready to jump in the charts: the first single from it was “No Fear” out at the end of August, fllowed 2 weeks later by the album itself.
The promotional tour was on again, also in India, South Africa , Russia and Greece.
The second single from the album was “Sail Away”, out at the end of October; just few days later the band got the award as best finnish act at the Mtv Music Awards Gala in Lisbona.

During that time Lauri and Pauli founded their record label, the Dynasty Recordings, and the band was available even on myspace on their official page.
After some dates in Japan, one big request gig in Germany and some in South American, in february 2006 they begun the filming of the video for the new single “Shot”, out then in April, but they got interrupted because of a huge sand storm.

In the same period the group with Him and Negative joined a tour together, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The April 9th the finnish tv channel Yle Tv ran a documentary about the band.

The gigs of the 2006 tour touched new and old countries, but during a little break the guys could record a cover of Abba Song “SOS” for the german compilation “Come Together – a tribute to BRAVO”.

The last dates on the tour were planned in Brasil and America, where they ended the tour the 21st November in New York playing a reserved gig for the winners of a competition.

The new album, “Black Roses”

Over the 2006 tour the band took a break and then they started to work on the new album, and they find also the time to do a small tour in Russia and take part to some european summer festival in the summer of 2007.

In September 2007 some infos on the new album were revealed, the title “Black Roses”, its release, March 2008 and the team with whom the band will work for its realization: the famous Desmond Child with Harry Sommerdahl for the production, while Michael Wagener will attend to the mixing.
The recordings of Black Roses have started the 17 of September at the Dynasty Recordings Studio, Helsinki and then they continued, almost a month later, to Nashville, at the WireWorld Studio, the the recording studio of Michael Wagener, where they’ll spend the last months of 2007.

In late January 2008 there was the rumor about the 26th of March as the release date for Black Roses, but this news was denyed by Lauri from a message on the band’s official MySpace where he announced that the album unfortunately wasn’t ready and that its release was postponed for after the summer.

Later on this message there weren’t any news from the band until the beginning of March, when Lauri and Aki, guests at the Emma Gaala to give an award, revealed that in the new album will be included a duet with the Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. The song is a murder ballad and, despite of the big promotion and the expectation, it was then decided to not include it in the album because it didn’t fit with the other songs.

During the summer the band took part to some European summer festival, among which the NRJ in the Park in Germany, where they introduced as preview two songs from the new album, “Ten Black Roses” and “Livin’ In A World Without You”, the latter will be choosed as first single taken from the album.

In some interviews made during this festivals the band confirmed that the album’s release is scheduled for September and then the 14th of July in the online version of the Finnish magazine Ilta Sanomat has been published an article about Black Roses, then republished by many Finnish magazines, that contained its tracklist and the release dates: 24th of September for the Finland and two days later for the rest of the world and 10th and 12nd for Livin’ In A World Without You’s release (respectively for Finland and the rest of the world). This news have been confirmed the day after by a press release from Playground Music Scandinavia.

The premiere of the music video shot for Livin’ In A World Without You has been broadcasted in the new Community on the official website of the band the 15th of August.
From the end of August to the album’s release the band was busy with its promotion, first in Germany when they also played some small acoustic concerts and when they introduced three new songs: “Justify”, “Ghost Of Love” and “Live Forever”; then the promotion continued in other European countries as Italy and Spain where however there was just Lauri.
The 5th of September took place in Helsinki the party for the new album, where it was possible to listen as preview the full album and watch the documentary about the making of the album made and recorded by Eero during the months where tha band recorded the album; this documentary was then included in the fan edition of Black Roses.

The album was received positive reviews, even by the music critics that time ago didn’t recognised the band’s talent, and it went straight to the number one of the Finnish album charts (becoming gold in the first week) when also Livin’ In A World Without You was at the number one of the singles chart since some weeks.

In October the band, together with Von Hertzen Brothers and Mariko (both produced by Dynasty Recordings) played a small finnish tour of 7 dates, called “Dynasty tour 2008″.

In December it was released the video of the second single, Justify (the single was scheduled for January/February 2009) and it was released also the Finnish movie “Blackout”, of that Lauri composed the soundtrack and also some songs of the band can be listened in the movie.

The European tour, Monsters Of Rock and the new compilation

The 2009 started with the European tour that begun in the end of January from Stockholm and that stopped in almost every European country gain a big success also in Italy where the band played two dates and some lucky fans got the chance to meet them thanks to the meet&greets organized by this website.

The tour, except for a small break in March, continued until May, stopping in April also in some cities in South America, where unfortunately, due to the swine flu, the band’s management had to cancel some dates.
The tour then started again in the middle of June by an unique occasion: The Rasmus were included in the line-up of Monsters Of Rock, a rock festival that this year was held in Russia and included also artists like Scorpions and Alice Cooper, and the beginner Kingdom Come. This festival took place from the 14th to the 28th of June for 7 dates in total (one was cancelled), and it was a real success, culminate in the last date held in Moscow with the presence on the stage of Lauri and Eero, together with Alice Cooper, for the last song of Scorpions’ setlist.
Then the tour continued with some European summer festival in July.

In the meantime Eero shot the video for Your Forgiveness, released at the end on the year as “Christmas’ gift” for the fans , while just for the Finnish radio market has been released the single of Ghost Of Love.
During the promotion at the radio of this song, Aki revealed that this autumn, for the anniversary of the 15 years of activity of the band, will be released a compilation that will include the so long expected duet with Anette Olzon, that video has been shot in May by Owe Lingvall (who also directed the beautiful video for Justify) and that title is “October & April”.
To celebrate the band’s anniversary too the band organized for the 23rd of November a gig at the Suutarila high school, in the same place and time where 15 years before all begun; the gig was also broadcasted live on the web for all those fans who couldn’t attend at the school.

“New World”, Lauri’s solo project

In February 2010 during and interview, Lauri tells that the band just started writing some material for the next album all by themselves because the record deal with Playground Music Scandinavia ended with the collection and they decided to not sign to any other record company and produce by themselves.

During the summer The Rasmus performed in some musical festivals in Europe and during and interview in Lithuania, Aki tells that the release of the new album – expected for the fall – is postphoned to 2011.

But the bigger surprise comes when the 15th of November it’s been announced that Lauri will release a solo album at the end of March 2011 titled “New World” and the first single “Heavy” will be have its premiere at the Emma Gaala 2011. The album, fully auto-produced and composed, will contain some songs wrote by the singer but that didn’t fit for The Rasmus’ style.

By his solo album’s promotion, Lauri announced (in February 2011) that from next June the band will reunite in Finland (as Pauli lives in Singapore and Eero in Italy) to start working on the next band’s album. The summer goes then between Lauri’s solo gigs and some summer Finnish festivals and many confirms of the band’s reunion to work on the new album.

The new album – “The Rasmus” – and “I’m a mess”

In October 2011 The Rasmus start the recordings of the new album, expected for the next year, working again with the producer Martin Hansen that already produced other albums of the band.
At the end of the month the band comes back on stage after a long time performing at two gigs in Mexico.

The new year opens with the announcement that the first single of The Rasmus’ new album is titled “I’m a mess” and it’ll be premiered at the Finnish music award Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu that will be held in Helsinki the 25th of February and that will be broadcasted live on the web.

Always in January the band announces some tourdates in Europe in May, while in February announces that the new album will be simply called “The Rasmus” because the band was involved 100% artistically and financially for its making (as fully auto-produced); in Finland the new album will be released the 18th of April under the Universal Music Finland label, and a tour in Finland is scheduled for the fall.

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