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The Rasmus Live 2012 / Volume II

39 gigs, 16 countries, thousands of kilometres, endless hours queueing, 112 minutes of pure The Rasmus on tour.
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Someone’s Gonna Light You Up!

We arrived in front of an Orion (the gig’s venue) already packed with people and after a while we’ve been received by Mikko, the band’s manager, that took us to the dressing room where Pauli and Eero were waiting for us. They told us that they’ve found Rome really beautiful in the small tour the made in the morning. After a little chat we begun the interview.

“The Rasmus” album is already gold and the song “Mysteria”, included in the re-edition of the album is having the same success, how do you live this moment of big prestige in both Italy and the rest of Europe?
Pauli: I don’t think it’s been already released in Italy, right?

Not yet, but the fans had the chance to listen it on YouTube where there’s your live videos, moreover, if I’m not wrong, it’s on sale also on iTunes.
Pauli: Well, it’s great. There’s some songs that the people couldn’t hear. In some countries it hasn’t been released, like in Italy, but I think it’ll happen soon, that’s why there’s still a lot of work to do.

Do you think you’ll continue the tour with more gigs in Italy after the album’s release?
Pauli: I don’t think, at least for this year, in the future we’ll see. For the moment we’re going to take a break.

Talking about “Mysteria” I know that talks about the future of humanity and it’s been born during the spring tour. Is there a particular event that inspired you or it’s inspired by what’s happening in the entire world?
Eero: During the vernal tour we got the feeling that we didn’t have many fast songs and that it’d be nice to make a new song, like a dedication to our fans that come at the vernal gigs, but also for all our fans. However in the summer we’re playing some unscheduled gigs… Pauli had some good songs and also Lauri, so we started to mix them together and we thought “yes, this will be a song and it’ll be something different from what we’ve already done”. I think the novelty was the basis idea… but then on the demo it sounded like something I’ve already heard nine months before and as you know nine months are necessary for a baby to born, I don’t know… maybe this is what make us think to a girl, and that’s where the name “Mysteria” came from, as that’s just a girls’ name.

You’ve recorded your first albums with the Warner Music, then you’ve moved to the indie Playground to end up to your latest album that was self produced with your own label, the Dynasty Recordings. Do you’ve found some troubles retailing your new album?
Pauli: The topic is really wide! Yes, it’s true that we have self produced our new album and we’re retailing to the record companies, I don’t think in Italy at the moment, but we’ve got some in other countries. It’s need a lot of work to find the right people to work with.

In Italy new talents and emerging bands find many difficulties to breakthrough and release an album, something that’s easier in countries like Germany or UK, what do you think about it?
Pauli and Eero: Personally I think that if you’re a new talent and you want to get ahead, all you need is just good songs and good gigs. We started like this too, playing live many times, maybe hundreds and when you do so many gigs you start to become something and have a role and make one’s name. It’s surely really difficult, it’s not like say “Hey, I’ve got a CD, please distribuite it”.

Is there an album of yours that you can say it represent you?
Pauli: Surely “Dead Letters” represent all that we are and how the people in many countries know us. If an album succeed is because the real character of the band come out.

In the past you’ve worked with important artists like Ville Valo and Apocalyptica. If you could choose and artist to work with, even out of the music scene, who would you choose and why?
Pauli: That’s interesting….I think I’d like to work with Skrillex.

What about you Eero?
Eero: I never thought about it… I like very much Hayao Myazaki and I’d like a lot to work with him, even if I haven’t a particular idea of what kind of collaboration.

You wrote some songs in Finnish even if the most of your lyrics are in English. What’s the difficulties in adapt the melody to a language instead of one another?
Pauli: I think that writing songs in English is easier, because you’ve to pay a lot of attention with the Finish.

For the beat?
Pauli: Yes, let’s say that with the Finnish it’s easier to make a song sound really stupid for the language itself, while in English you can say the biggest rubbish and it’d sound really cool anyway. But this is my personal opinion.

How does your songs born mostly?
Pauli: That’s a question that you’ve to ask to Lauri, he creates all The Rasmus’ songs.

For this tour it’s been made a “Meet&Greet” competition that let you know better your fans. What this experience gave you?
Pauli: It’s great because you know fans’ opinions and desires about our music. Knowing this things is really beautiful because you can compare with other people, in spite of we have our opinion about our music.

Do you think this awareness will be helpful into the making of future projects?
Pauli: Of course. Compare with other people enrich yourself and it’s at the bottom of being an human.

Your band get together when you’re still students, except Aki that was part of the crew, how did you met and how the “Rasmus” project started?
Pauli: As you’ve already said we were classmates and we played together in the school and sometimes in my parents’ garage.

How did you make known your music to the record companies?
Pauli: When we played gigs we used to print posters and in the beginning we send them (to the record companies). Then we recorded a demo that we sent to the radios. When the radios started to play our songs we were contacted by some record companies. So I can tell that’s been a stroke of luck.

Is there any Italian singer or band that you like?
Eero: Zucchero, Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini… but mainly Zucchero.
Pauli: Laura Pausini has a beautiful voice and it’s also a beautiful woman.

Now we’ve to be a little bad. Some articles blame you to be too pop and labelled you as a band that do music just for teenagers. What do you want to say about it?
Pauli: We don’t care about this things, everybody has his/her tastes and we like pop. Then our music can be liked or not independently to the age.

Do you want to say something to your Italian fans?
Pauli and Eero: We love you!!!

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