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Mysteria and a new edition of The Rasmus-album

Today was published the new that by the end of this year will be released a new edition of the last album of the band, that it’ll include a new song besides new material.
The new song is called “Mysteria” and it’ll be on rotation in Finnish radios from next week.
Lauri already mentioned this new song last June, here’s the new.

Here’s the translation of today’s press release, thanks to Sharazan:

The Rasmus on tour before a hiatus

The Rasmus starts its Mysteria-tour from Finland on October 10th. The tour consists of over 40 gigs in several countries. After some undisclosed gigs early in 2013 (venues to be announced later) the band will go on hiatus for an indefinite period.

The band’s new album, The Rasmus, has sold over the Gold-limit in Finland, and a new edition of the album will be released at the end of 2012. The album will include a brand new song, as well as other extra material.

The new song is named Mysteria, and it will start radioplay in the week 38. The song will be purchasable from digistores on 21.9. The song was produced by one of Finland’s most succesful producers, Jukka Immonen.

Lauri Ylönen tells, that “The idea about this rather special song was born on our spring tour. We decided to book the studio right away, and record this little autumn-greeting for our fans. The lyrics tell about a child named Mysteria, on whose hands our future rests.”

About the feelings in the band Lauri tells “Lately we have started to act more like from a moment’s impulse and it feels hell of a good. We have got rid of being too overcautios about anything we do”.

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