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The Rasmus Live 2012 / Volume II

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Lauri Ylönen live

Lauri: The Rasmus are my first home

During the last weekend Lauri performed with his band in two Finnish summer festivals, on Friday evening at the Vaasa Rockfestival and yesterday evening at the Tammerfest, beginning then his small solo tour that will keep him busy until the end of the month.

By this performances there’ve been made also some interviews for the magazine Pohjalainen and the radio station Radio 957, where he talked also about The Rasmus, here’s a recap, thanks to Sharazan:

Lauri told that his gig on July 16th at Vaasa Rockfestival was his first official solo gig. Then the next morning at 6 o’clock they started heading over to Tampere for the evening’s gig at Tammerfest, and since setting up lights and screens for each gig takes a lot of time, it was convenient to wake up so early. Lauri said it’s been his usual rhythm to wake up at 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning, so early wake-ups are easy for him.

Lauri says he feels like a total newcomer with the solo project, and he likes that feeling a lot. Everything is new, there’s a lot of challenges to overcome to make everything work, and he likes it. The Rasmus has toured so much abroad, that he had started missing the tours in Finland, but now he has chance to do it.

During the gigs he likes to follow how the audience receives his music, as it differs so much from the music of The Rasmus. He has gathered the material mostly from the old stuff that The Rasmus couldn’t use, but some of the songs are also new ones that were born when Lauri visited Pauli in Singapore in the autumn of 2009. On that trip Lauri realized what the soundscape of his songs should be like, and when the new material did’t sound good for a rock band when they tried to play it with the The Rasmus, it was clear he wanted to start up a solo project instead of wasting all the good material. He considers the solo career his “second home”, the other home is The Rasmus, and he loves it. He says he will be fully employed until February 2012.

About the latest news on The Rasmus he said that they have been together rehearsing and composing new songs for two weeks now. Eero and Pauli live normally abroad, but are now visiting in Finland for six more weeks, so the band will continue making as many new songs as possible until the end of August. If the songs will be good enough, then they book a studio for the making of the new album.

Some photos from the performances can be seen on the gallery, while some amateur videos mostly from Tammerfest, are already available on YouTube.

Next gig:
  • 26 May 2016 / El Teatro Flores / Buenos Aires - AR