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The Rasmus Live 2012 / Volume II

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Aki Hakala

Aki and Lauri guests on radio M-1 Plius (Lithuania)

During The Rasmus’ stay in Lithuania in the second week of August, besides the usual interviews already reported in this website, Aki and Lauri have been guests in a radio programme in the Lithuanian radio called M-1 Plius.
While their guest apperance, that was pretty funny, Aki and Lauri talked mostly about The Rasmus’ history and the only thing that has been said about the next album is that the release was postphoned to the next year cause to the absence of a record deal between the band and a record company that would publish the album, even if the most of the fans hopes in an indipendent release through Dynasty Recordings.
Luckly this radio apperance was also filmed, and the video is available here on YouTube.

23.08.2010 Interviews, Media, Videos
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